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Government Of Assam Dhemaji District

District Industries & Commerce Centre,Dhemaji.

  • District Industries & Commerce Centre,Dhemaji.


    To achieve sustainable and balanced Industrial growth leading to more employment opportunities income and Economic development of the District.


    1. To promote Entrepreneurship in the District.
    2. To create a favorable climate for Industrial growth.
    3. To develop the district as a hub for Enterprises based on available resources.
    4. To generate employment opportunities.
    5. To encourage adoption of Environment-friendly and sustainable technologies.


    1. Promotion of micro, small and medium Enterprises (MSME).
    2. Entrepreneurship and Skill development.
    3. Facilitating Infrastructure development.
    4. Promotion of Investment and Growth in the Industrial sector in the state through private /Public/Public-Private partnership.
    5. Publicity and Marketing support to Industries.
    6. Providing the benefit of the Govt. Schemes to the new Entrepreneurs.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    1. Development of Industries in the District.
    2. Registration and Licensing of new Industrial undertaking from APDCL, Water Board, No Objective Certificate, etc.
    3. Acquisition of land for Industrial purpose.
    4. Development of Industrial Area.
    5. Creation and maintenance of Industrial Estate.
    6. To carry out the potential survey,pre-feasibility study with regards to the potentially viable project for investors.
    7. To motivate and guide the youth as well as potential investor /Entrepreneurs for setting up Industrial unit in the District.
    8. To provide Infrastructure to the Entrepreneurs arranging workshop, training program, Exhibition, etc. for motivating Entrepreneurs for setting up various Enterprises.
    9. To provide financial assistance in the form of various subsidies under different scheme/policies.
    10. To implement various schemes formulated by Central /State Govt. for Industrial development like PMEGP, Svayem, Biponi Etc. another scheme which is likely to come.
    11. To assist the State Govt. in the formulation of policies Program, Project, Scheme, etc. for promotion and development of Industries.
    12. Liaison with State/Central Govt. other concerned agencies for various works related to Industrial Development Etc.
    13. Any other matter Entrusted by the Central/State Govt. from time to time.

    Public Service delivered by Department:

    The District Industries & Commerce Centre (DICC) program was started by the central govt. in 1978 with the objective of providing financial assistance through a bank for promoting setting up of a small, tiny , Cottage and Village Industries in the District, also providing financial assistance in the form of various subsidies under different scheme /policies.The Govt. of Assam has formulated a package of incentives for promotion and setting up Industrial units and to the revitalization of sick industrial units and to promote investment in the District. To facilitate the process of development in the MSME sector (as well as large) DICC have been Entrusted with most of the administrative and financial power for the purpose of allotment of land, work sheds, raw material, etc.

    Organizational structure:

    District level:

    1. General Manager
    2. Project Manager /Functional Manager
    3. Asst. Director of Cottage Industries & Commerce
    4. Asst. Manager
    5. Superintendent
    6. Extension Officer
    7. Office Staff

    Sub. Divisional Level:

    Category (1)

    1. Asst. Director of Cottage Industries & Commerce
    2. Asst. Manager
    3. Superintendent
    4. Extension Officer
    5. Office Staff

    Category (2)

    1. Superintendent
    2. Extension Officer
    3. Office Staff

    Location of Office and Address:

    Office of the General Manager, District Industries & Commerce Centre, Dhemaji, Bharalichuck -787057

    Scheme :

    1. SVAYEM
    2. SARATHI
    3. BIPONI
    4. PMEGP


    SVAYEM: Swami Vivekananda Assam Youth Empowerment Yojana announced by the Honorable Finance Minister of Assam in his budget speech on 7th Feb. 2017 is a flagship[ program to provide financial support to the youth of Assam to take up income generating activities in the manufacturing, trading and service sector.

    Documents to be attached-SVAYEM

    1. Proof of Identity: Self-certified copy of Voter ID Card/Driving License/PAN Card/Adhar Card/Passport.
    2. Proof of Identity: Address of the Business Enterprises copies of relevant license /Registration certificate /other documents pertaining to the ownership /Identity/Add. Of Business of the Unit.
    3. Project Report (Technical and Economically viability)
    4. Quantum and Nature Financial Assistance.

    Subsidy %

    Qualifying Amount


    New Entrepreneur


    Up to Rs. 1 Lakh

    May subject to Rs.20,000.00

    Existing Entrepreneur


    Up to Rs. 2 Lakh

    May subject to Rs.40,000.00

    SARATHI: To remove the hurdle of equity/fund crunch the State Govt. has launched a new scheme called Chief Minister Startup /fund with an initial amount of Rs. 10Cr. During 2016-17. The main objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance in the form of a loan with interest subvention @5% P.A. through AGVB bank covering whole of Assam.

    The following are the documents as applicable and necessary shall be submitted along with the application.

    1. Application in the prescribed format (Form A)
    2. Two copies of passport size Photograph (Black & White)
    3. Entrepreneur Memorandum Part-1
    4. Scheme. Project Report.
    5. Identity Proof: Voter ID Card /PAN Card/Driving License
    6. Address Proof: Electricity Bill /Telephone Bill/Bank A/C Statement of any other bank
    7. Trade License, If any
    8. Certificate of training
    9. Certificate of OBC/ST/SC/Physically Handicap

    The loan amount shall be Max. of Rs.10Lakh.

    Equity /Promoter margin shall be 15% of the Project cost.

    5% will be subverted in the loan A/C of the beneficiary by the DIC.

    BIPONI: The objective of the scheme is to support the Micro /Small enterprises to participate in different trade fairs and events within the State. In the country and Abroad for marketing of their product and also getting the exposure

    1. passport size photograph
    2. Copy of Industry registration
    3. Caste Certificate
    4. Training Certificate
    5. Bank Passbook

    PMEGP: The main objective to generate employment opportunities in rural as well as urban areas of the District through setting up of new self- employment venture /project/micro enterprises.

    Documents: The following documents are needed to apply as an individual for  PMEGP loan.

    1. Pan Card/Aadhar Card,
    2. Caste Certificate
    3. Qualification certificate
    4. Rural area Certificate (Only for rural area)
    5. Photo
    6. DPR (Detail Project Report)
    7. Subsidy and Funding under PMEGP:

    Beneficiary Category

    Beneficiary Shares of total Project

    Subsidy Rate from Govt.



    35% (Rural)




    For Institutions: Self Attested copies of following are required.

    1. 1.Registration Certificate
    2. 2. Authorization Letter
    3. 3. Certificate for Special Category (Wherever required)


    Financial /Funding Provision:

    Concerned General Manager, District Industries &CommerceCentre will arrange the stall in Collaboration with the organizer of the event. There will be a maximum ceiling of Rs.5000.00 per Entrepreneur towards stall Rent which will be paid directly to the organizer by cheque. In case of a participant from other districts a fixed Lump sum grant of Rs.500.00 per day will be provided to meet the traveling expenses.


    District Industries & Commerce Centre,Dhemaji.
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