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Government Of Assam Dhemaji District

Dhemaji Development Authority

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    To provide for an efficient, growth-oriented, flexible and sustainable urban environment in Dhemaji.


    To optimally channelize the development of urban areas through proper planning as well as facilitate the provision and improvement of services and infrastructure in the urban areas of Dhemaji.

    Objectives, Roles and Responsibilities

    The Role and responsibilities of this office are: -

    1. Preparation of project reports for various Govt. sponsored urban poverty related socio-economic & physical infrastructure schemes/projects time to time, and their implementation.
    2. Act as a District Level nodal office for the Mission “Housing for all by 2022” under PMAY(Urban).
    3. Enforcement of provisions of Master Plan, Zoning Regulations and Building bye laws over the Authority area.

    2. Public Service delivered by dept. and process

    The Dhemaji Development Authority was created in the year 2008 vide Notification No. UDD(T)250/2007/2, Date 22/11/2007 after Notification of the Master Plan for Dhemaji in 2007.To guide, regulate the growth and to promote development of the urban centers in a planned manner with coherent land uses, with provision of requisite basic amenities, physical and social infrastructure befitting manner, and to facilitate to transform the urban centers as economic base for the district.

    3. Location of office and Address:

    Office of the Chairman, Dhemaji Development Authority.

    Sukapha Nagar Path, Dhemaji Tiniali, Dhemaji-787057.

    Email ID- ddadhemaji@gmail.com

    4. List of Employees:

    Incumbents of the office of the Dhemaji Development Authority

    The Dhemaji Development Authority is headed by Chairman. The Deputy Director, T&CP acts as Member Secretary of the Authority. There are 4 nos. of contractual employees and JE of T&CP, District office of Dhemaji works for the Development Authority in addition to their own duties.

    SL. NO.





    Tulan Konwar




    BM Lahon

    Member Secretary



    Sanjib Kr. Deori

    Jr. Engineer



    Kalpana Gogoi




    Jadu Saikia

    Field Asstt.



    Babul Das

    Field Asstt.



    Ratul Chutia

    Peon cum Chowkider


    • Schemes:
    • Development of Roads of Dhemaji Town(NLCPR): This Project is sanctioned for an amount of 1198.11 lakhs under NLCPR fund by the Ministry of DONER, GOI during the year 2013-14 and Rs.816.22 lakhs has been released. The project is consisting of 24 nos. of roads, total length 19.60 Km. The physical and financial progress are reported as 95% and 68% respectively.
    • Bus Terminus at Telejan (10%Lump Sum pool Fund, MOUD): The Bus terminus at Telejan, Dhemaji was sanctioned for an amount of Rs.570.00 lakhs and an amount of Rs.399.00 lakhs has already been released. The physical and financial progresses are reported to be 98% and 70% respectively

    • Dhemji Town Protection Drain(under CM’s Special Package for 2014-15) : The Dhemaji Town Protection drain, total length of 1761 mt is sanctioned for an amount of Rs. 500.00 lakhs and already an amount of Rs. 200.00 lakh is released to the implementing agency Dhemaji Development Authority. The physical and financial progress of the scheme are 55% and 38% respectively.
    • Truck Terminus at Sessajan (under CM’s Special Package for 2013-14): The Truck Terminus is completed at an expenditure of Rs.800.00 lakhs and handed over to lessee through bidding process from the year 2017-18

    PMAY-U :


    The Hon’ble President of India, in his address to the Joint Session of Parliament on 9th June 2014 had announced: “By the time the Nation completes 75 years of its Independence, every family will have a pucca house with water connection, toilet facilities, 24x7 electricity supply, and access.”

    Hon’ble Prime Minister envisioned housing for All by 2022 when the Nation completes 75 years of its Independence. In order to achieve this objective, the Central Government has launched a comprehensive mission “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Housing for All (Urban)”.


    Housing for All by 31st March 2022 approved by Government of India (GoI) on June 2017 for Urban poor including Slum Dwellers.


    1. In situ Slum Redevelopment
    2. Credit Link Subsidy
    3. Affordable Housing in Partnership
    4. Subsidy for Beneficiary Led Construction (BLC) or Beneficiary led Enhancement (BLE)


    Name of Villages under Municipal Area:

    Dhemaji Nagar Block No.1 Part I

    Dhemaji Nagar Block No.1 Part II

    Dhemaji Nagar Block No.2 Part I

    Dhemaji Nagar Block No.2 Part II

    Dhemaji Nagar Block No.3 Part I

    Dhemaji Nagar Block No.3 Part II

    Dhemaji Nagar Block No.4 Part I

    Dhemaji Nagar Block No.4 Part II


    10. BhehparaGaon

    11. BhehparaHabi

    12. Nalanipam Koch Gaon

    13. PahukariJan

    14. KhubaliaGaon

    15. Hiloidari Block Gaon

    16. BarpatoriaGaon

    17. NimatiChukGaon

    18. AradhalGaon

    19. KulapotharGaon

    20. NagakheliaGaon

    21. 1 No. NagakheliaBlock

    22. 2 No. Nagakhelia Block

    23. BharaliChukGaon

    24. 2 No. BharaliChukGaon Pt I

    25. 2 No. BharaliChukGaon Pt II

         26. DihingiaGaon

    B: Name of Other Revenue Villages :

    27. TelejanGaon

         28. BakalGaon

    29. GohaiGaon (No. 1)

    30. Gohain Bari Chapori

    31. Bam Gaon

    32. GowalGaon

    33. Goriajan

    34. ChowkhamGaon

    35. RangajanGaon

    36. Kakoti Block Gaon

    37. BorGaon

    38. DigholimukhGaon

    39. Bali Gaon

    40. GopakGaon No.1

    41. GopakGaon No.2

    42. 1 No. NarengGaon

    43. 2 No. NarengGaon

    44. 1 No. GopakSonowalGaon

    45. 2 No. GopakSonowalGaon