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Government Of Assam Dhemaji District

Places with Tourism Interest

  • Places with Tourism Interest 


    There are lot of Places which may be important from the point of view of tourism and archaeology.   Some of these are -

      1) Gerukamukh : Gerukamukh is located at a distance of 44 Km from the district Head Quarter in the North-West direction. Regular communication is available from Dhemaji, Lakhimpur and Guwahati. At Gerukamukh Sobansiri, the largest tributary of Brahmaputra touches the plains from the hills giving a scenic beauty with its virginity. The condition is favourable for angling and picnic parties. National Hydro Electric Power Corporation is implementing a mega hydro electric power project at Gerukamukh.

      2) Malini Than : This place has been using for worship to the Goddess Malini from ancient time. Lots of historical monuments have also been excavacated from the spot.  It is located 42 kms away in the north eastern direction of Dhemaji.

        3) Ghuguha Dol : It is historically believed that at this place Bamuni Konwar The son of then Ahom King Tyao Khamti was born. The Dol (Temple) Was built in the memory of Bamuni Konwar's mother Ghuguhi and is at a distance of 17 km in south west of Dhemaji.

        4) Maa  Manipuri Than: This Than (i.e. place of worship) distance of 25 km in the south west direction of Dhemaji was established by the then Ahom King Gourinath Singha as a monument of help by the Manipuries in controlling Mua-Mariah renaissance during the later period of Ahom reign.

            In addition to these the following are the important places of Dhemaji district.

        Rajgarh :- Under Machkhowa Mouza.

        Garakhia Than :- 12 km from Dhemaji under Gohain Mouza.

        Rajgarh Ali :- A road constructed by Prince Gohain Kamal during Konch reigm and is at a distance of 22 km from Dhemaji.