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Government Of Assam Dhemaji District

Cultural Department, Dhemaji

  • Vision

    To build and Society cohesive and culturally harmonious society through. Preservation and Promotion of Assam’s diverse culture and heritage by Protection and Promotion of its art and archaeology.


    To implement a sustainable solution through which Assam’s diverse tangible and intangible culture and ancient heritage will remain universally accessible.


    Development of Art’s & Culture –

    • Preservation and  promotion of the living culture of the ethic and indigenous tribes and communities of the state
    • Preservation and promotion of the ancient monuments and historical sites as monuments of our glorious past.
    • Preservation and promotion of the unique Satriya culture of the state.
    • Searching talents in music, dance, acting, fine arts, etc. from different parts of the state & provide them an adequate opportunity for developing their talents and exposure;
    • Promoting cultural and emotional integration among the people of the state and also with other states of the country and spread the message of peace, universal brotherhood and national unity;
    • Publicity of the unique cultural mosaic of the state with its infinite variety throughout the world and promotion of the state as a cultural destination;
    • Using the cultural   talent to develop the entertainment industry in the state, those qualities and values that sets the culture if the state as one of the brightest jewels in India’s cultural milieu;
    • Installation of national pride in the people and propel every citizen to give their best in their chosen field of activity;
    • Making use of the national and the international media to promote the culture of the state; and
    • Imbibing a sense of appreciation of the traditional art and culture among the younger generation from school level.


    Apply for Silpi Pension-

    Provide Pension/Financial grants to the Artists of Assam as a taken of outstanding contribution in the field of Art & Culture.

    To Provide Pension/financial grants to the indigent families of artists who have made an outstanding contribution.


    Public Service Delivered by Department and Process

    The Cultural center, Dhemaji under the Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Assam, has been Developing the Cultural atmosphere in the District of Dhemaji, like training workshop of Folk Songs, Folk Dance, Folk Music, Drama, Silpi Divas, Rabha Divas Preserve  Traditional Festival. Art’s and Culture etc. with Grant in aid to cultural societies of Musical Instrument, Individual Artist Pension. Family Pension financial Grants to Artist and various Govt. Cultural Program.

    Location of the office and Address.

    Location: - Station Road, Dhemaji

    Office: - The office of the cultural Development officer, Cultural Centre, Dhemaji.


    P.S.:- Dhemaji

    District: - Dhemaji

    Pin Code: - 787057 (Assam)

    Near:-Mouzadar Office, Dhemaji

    DATA NO – 5 List of Employee’s

    Sl. No.



    Contact No


    Sri Bidya Dhar Deori

    Cultural Development Officer



    Sri SanatanHazarika

    Instructor (Satriya Dance)



    Sri Ekolobya Gam

    Instructor (Mishing Folk Dance)



    Sri Naba Kt. Kutum

    Jr. Asstt.



    Sri Jayanta Gogoi

    Jr. Asstt.



    Sri Bishnu Rabha

    Office Peon