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Over view:-

Personnel branch may be considered as the most important and crucial among all the branches of the office of the Deputy Commissioner as the branch deals with works related to appointment, transfer & posting of employees, Departmental Training, Earned leave, Medical leave, preparation of retirement & annual superannuation list, maintenance of Service Books of employees, Collection of budget, Govt. ceiling etc.

Personnel branch consist of two sections:-

  1. Main Section
  2.  Accounts section.

The function of the two sections of Personnel Branch is briefly outlined below to give an overall idea:-


The Section mainly deals with the following subjects:-


1. Matters relating to transfer, posting, leave of all officers under DC’s amalgamated establishment.

2. Appointment/transfer/posting/retirement of all Grade III/IV staff under DC’s amalgamated establishment.

3. Maintenance of Service Books /Service Roll of all staff.

4. Grant of leave, sanction of Advance/Loan etc.

      5. The Pension matters of retired staff.

6. Examination matters & other matters relating to holding of APSC / Staff Selection Commission examinations.

NB:-          (Matter related to Head of Account- “2029” of revenue department is    

                  maintained and looked after by the LR Branch)



The Section mainly deals with the following subjects:-

i) Preparation of pay bill etc of all officers U/H 2053/ DA 2070-OAS etc.

ii) Preparation of pay bill, arrear bill, pension bill etc. for all staffs.

iii) Collection of budget, Govt. ceiling etc.

iv) Submission of budget.

v) Submission of expenditure statement.

NB:-   The works of the accounts section of the branch like preparation of pay bills, arrear bills etc. are done by the Bill Assistant.

Submission of budget, expenditure bills arrear, pay are done and maintained by the Assistant Nazir.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Personnel branch:-


i) Appointment, Release, conduct, discipline and the other general conditions of the Government services.

a) Administration of the Assam Ministerial (District Establishment) Service Rules 1967.
b) Advertisement and application fees.


ii) Transfer of Government servants including on deputation.

iii)  General condition of service including fixation of seniority and preparation of the gradation lists.
iv) Probation.
v) Matters relating to APSC & SSC Examination including departmental examination.

vi) Application for posts elsewhere.
vii) Private employment of Government servants during the level preparatory to retirement and after retirement
viii) Age of retirement.
ix) Re-employment after superannuation under the Government.
x) General conduct and discipline-Administration of the Assam Service (Conduct) Rules, 1965.
xi) Assets and liabilities statement.
xii) Maintaining of Service Book:-Entry of increment in the service books annually.
xiii) Departmental proceedings and prosecution – Administration of the Assam Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1965.
xiv) Representation on service matter and redressal in court of law.
xv) Matters relating to Assam Administrative Tribunal.
xvi) Departmental Training
xvii) Service conditions which are of the nature of concessions to Government Servants including reservations for the Scheduled Castes and the Schedules Tribes and Other backward Classes.
xviii) Advances, provident funds, pension and gratuity and other miscellaneous privileges of Government servants.
xix) Refund, write-off and misappropriation.
xx)  Appeals and memorandums.
xxi) Association of government Servants.

Branch Structure:-


The Deputy Commissioner is the Controlling Officer of the branch. The Deputy Commissioner has also been vested with the power of appointing authority for all appointments of all post, transfer and posting etc. of Deputy Commissioner’s amalgamated establishment barring Grade-II post like Revenue Sheristadar, Administrative Officer etc. by the Govt.

          For smooth and effective functioning of the branch, the branch is supervised by one Additional Deputy Commissioner and one Assistant Commissioner is designated as Branch Officer. Currently, one Senior Assistant and one Jr. Assistant deals with the works related to the main section of the branch. Account section works are deal by the Bill Assistant and the Assistant Nazir.

All the files put up to the Deputy Commissioner by the concerned assistant of the branch are routed through the Administrative Officer/ Head Assistant, the Assistant Commissioner (Concerned Branch Officer) and the Additional Deputy Commissioner (Personnel).