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Government Of Assam Dhemaji District


Administration Branch

This Branch deals with the administration of:-

  1. Arms/ammunition and explosives
  2. Passport
  3. Jail matters
  4. Sarais Act.
  5. Freedom fighter
  6. Next of kin/ Senior Citizens Certificate
  7. Verification of C & A/ PRC
  8. Permission for meeting theoretical performance and use of loudspeaker etc.
  9. Mobile Tower

Arms Branch is listed as one of the Administrative Branch under the D.C.’s Establishment. The primary duties of the Branch are governed by the Arms Act, 1959 and the Arms Rules, 2016.

The Arms Rules, 2016 have not brought in any new restrictions on grant of licenses to individuals. The provisions for grant of licenses as contained in the Arms Act, 1959 are extracted here under ─

            Arms Act, 1959 Section 13(3) (3) The licensing authority shall grant – (a) a license under Section 3 where the license is required- (i) by a citizen of India in respect of a smooth bore gun having a barrel of not less than twenty inches in length to be used for protection or sport or in respect of a muzzle loading gun to be used for bona fide crop protection: Provided that where having regard to the circumstances of any case, the licensing authority is satisfied that a muzzle loading gun will not be sufficient for crop protection, the licensing authority may grant a license in respect of any other smooth bore gun as aforesaid for such protection, or (ii) in respect of a point 22-bore rifle or an air rifle to be used for target practice by a member of a rifle club or rifle association licensed or recognized by the Central Government; (b) a license under section 3 in any other case or a license under section 4, section 5, section 6, section 10 or section 12, if the licensing authority is satisfied that the person by whom any license is required has a good reason for obtaining the same.

            As per rule 11 of the Arms Rules, 2016, an applicant has to submit the following documents along with the application form: (a) four passport size copies of the latest photograph of the applicant (in white background); (b) proof of date of birth; (c) identification proof ─ (i) Aadhar Card; or (ii) in case the applicant does not have Aadhar Card, a written declaration in the form of an Affidavit to be submitted in this regard along with an alternative identification proof which may include Passport or Voter’s Identification Card or Permanent Account Number (PAN) card or Identity Card issued to the employees; (iii) in case of exemptee sports persons, shooters identification card issued by the National Rifle Association of India. (d) residence proof in case the applicant does not possess Aadhar Card or Passport, which may include ─ (i) voter’s identification card; or (ii) electricity bill; or (iii) landline telephone bill; or (iv) rent deed or lease deed or property documents ;or (v) any other document to the satisfaction of the licensing authority. 6 (e) safe use and storage of firearms undertaking referred to in subrule (4) of rule 10; (f) for professional category applicant, referred to under clause (a) of sub-rule (3) of rule 12, self-attested copies of the educational and professional qualification certificates, wherever applicable; (g) medical certificate about mental health and physical fitness of the applicant with specific mention that the applicant is not dependent on intoxicating or narcotic substances (in Form S-3); (h) in case of an application for a licence in Form IV, the particulars specified in sub-rule (2) of rule 35 along with a permit from the authority empowered under the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972);

            As per rule 24 of the Arms Rules, 2016, an application for renewal of a license shall be filed in the Form wherein specified at least 60 days prior to the expiry of the license.


  • At the time of grant of Non Prohibited Bore Licenses,  the licensing authority will obtain a police report as per  Government of India’s circular No. V-11016/16/2009-Arms.
  • There are 118 nos of valid Arms License in Dhemaji District.
  • Generation of Unique Identification No (UIN) against the license is mandatory for each authority as per GOI Notification No. GSR 585(E) dtd.24/07/2012.

The District Magistrate may impose ban on carrying of Licensed Arms after declaration of Election for smooth conduct of Election process or when any untoward situation arises in the district and as per Govt. instructions.



The District Administration is responsible for administration under the Indian Explosive Act, 1884 and the rules framed there under and issues.

  1. Fireworks
    1. Issue permission for possessing and selling explosives (Fire crackers on the eve of Deepawali Festival) on temporary basis under the Explosives Act, 1884 and Rules, 1983, on the basis of the police report on the following conditions.
      1. No whole seller or retailer will sell fireworks containing potassium chlorate and such fireworks of Foreign origin which can cause severe accidents and endanger lives and harm the environment.
      2. The manufacture, sale or use of Fire Crackers/ fireworks generating sound level exceeding 125 dB (A1) or 145 dB (C) pk at 4 meters distance from the point of bursting is prohibited.
      3. The licensee shall not possess and sale fireworks of foreign origin.

(b) The manufacturer and whole-seller licensee is not available in Dhemaji District.

(c) Issue N.O.C. for obtaining explosives License from the Explosives   Department and renewal thereof.

(d) Issuing N.O.C. for setting up Petroleum retail outlet (under Sec.144 chapter-VII of Petroleum Rules 2002)

Jail matter

The Deputy Commissioner of the District is also the District Magistrate. Though there is a separate department for the administration of jails, the District Magistrate exercises general supervision over the Jails in the district.

  • Recommendation of the District Magistrate is required for granting  leave of convicts/prisoners on the following grounds as per Assam Prisons(Leave and Emergency Release) Rules, 1968 the convicts/prisoners
    • Death or serious illness of wife/ mother/ father and close relatives,
    • Marriage of son, daughter, brother, sister etc,
    • Repairing of dwelling house etc
  • On the basis of the Police report and Circle Officer's report the District Administration furnish his views/ comments to the Inspector General of Prisons, Assam, Khanapara on the leave petition.
  • Again, permission may be accorded for shifting the patient (convict) from jail to hospital for better treatment if a convict is referred by the Medical & Health Officer of District jail.
  • The Deputy Commissioner may detail one responsible officer to inspect the District Jail under his/her jurisdiction as per format of Jail questionnaires. 

Sarai means any building used for the shelter and accommodation of travellers. It also includes a purao so far as the provisions of the SARAIS ACT.  1867 is applicable.

  • The District Administration should maintain a register in which the names and residences of the keepers of all sarais and the situation of every such sarai should be entered. No charge shall be made for making any such entry.
  • Magistrate may refuse to register keeper not producing certificate of character.
  • As per the Sarai Act, the hotels are a place of tourism importance. All the hoteliers in every town are supposed to submit a copy of the trade licence to the district administration as a proof of their work. The registration documents also include a no-objection certificate from the fire and emergency services department and from the Pollution Control Board. The land documents and an up-to-date rent receipt along with an affidavit are also mandatory for registration under Sarais Act.
  • Duties of keepers of sarais are bound as per Extract of Sec.7 of the Sarais Act, 1867.
  1. Matters relating to general Welfare of the Freedom Fighter in Assam are entitled in the rules namely:- The Assam Swatantrata Sainik Relief Rules, 1988.
  • Freedom Fighter pension after the death of Freedom Fighter may be transferred to his widow as per rule 10(1), (2) & (3) of ASSR Rules 1988 and after death of freedom Fighter ‘s  widow, the unmarried daughter may apply for transfer of pension as legal heir of  the  deceased Swatantrata Sainik as per rule 10(4) (a) of ASSR, 1988.
  • Reserved 2 seats in Engineering, Medical, Vety., Agril. and Tech. Institutions  as per rule 12 of ASSR Rules, 1988.
  • Provide free  medical treatment to the freedom fighters and their sons and daughters on production of proof of identity at  all Govt. hospitals as per rule 11 of ASSR Rules, 1988.

The verification of Character & Antecedents is issued as required by the different appointing /selecting authority of departments, firms, organizations etc.

  • The names along with verification rolls/attestation forms of the candidates is forwarded to the Superintendent of Police to verify the Character & antecedents of the selected/appointed candidates and to submit the report.
  • On the basis of the S.P’s report the verification of character & antecedents is forwarded to the concerned Deptt, firm, organization etc as per prescribed format.
  • In case of verification of Permanent Residential Status the same process is applicable but the report is obtained from the concerned Circle Officer and forwarded to the requiring department  of the concerned candidate


The Next of Kin Certificate and Senior Citizen Certificate are issued through online module in which the Designated Public Servant(DPS) is the issuing authority.

  • The newly launched E-District “Sugam” project has taken up 14 services including Next of Kin Certificate and Senior Citizen Certificate.
  • In this services citizen can apply directly in a CSC(Common Service Centre) or PFC(Public Facilitation Centre) paying a user charge. The stipulated time limit for providing Next of Kin Certificate is 30 days and Senior Citizen Certificate is 15 days.

Permission for oganising any kind of meeting/ theoritical performances/ cultural events should be obtained from the District Magistrate

  • The applicant shall give a petition addressing District Magistrate mentioning date, time and venue of the program and it must also includes an affidavit and the venue permission taken from the competent authority. After receiving the application it is forwarded to the Superintendent of Police for verification. And on the basis of the police report, the permission is granted to the seeking authority.

Mobile Tower

                The Permission/Renewal for installation of overground Telegraph infrastructure (Mobile Tower etc.) should be obtained from the Nodal Officer cum Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District. The Nodal Officer, in an urban area, shall, within three days of the receipt of the application send it to the Engineering or Planning cell of the Local Body for examination and in case of rural area, the application shall send it to the Circle Officer. And after receiving NOC from the Local body or Circle Officer and submitting all the requisite fees, the permission may be granted to the Telecom companies.