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Granaries on Raised Platform 

Concept and Structural Design 

The house on raised stilts is an age old structure originating in the Himalayan ranges. It was mainly seen amongst the Mongoloid tribes that such houses were made. Houses on stilts are predominantly found India, China, Tibet, Thailand, Cambodia and in pockets of Bangladesh. Significantly it is seen that people live in such houses were the landscape is mainly undulating land mass. On the other hand people living in areas where there is high precipitation and moisture content both in the air and in the soil has led them to design houses on stilts. In North Eastern India the tribes living on houses on stilts mainly live in hills amongst thick vegetation, forest and by the banks of rivers.  

The Mishing tribe of Assam lives along the river Bramhaputra mainly concentrated on the North Banks; they are believed to be the descendents of Mongoloid origin who have settled by the banks of the mighty Bramhaputra mainly in Upper Assam. Some of the country cousins of this tribe are the Hillmiris who live in Arunachal Pradesh; the pattern of weave, housing design and food habits are similar amongst these two tribes and the Mishing are also known as Miri  in Assam. Traditionally people of the Mishing community live on houses on stilts; these houses and the flight of 5-7 stairs leading to these houses have religious and social beliefs and practices attached to it. A guest is accepted or a new bride only becomes a part of the family when led up the flight of stairs.  

The house on stilts is a big hall with a central kitchen for a large joint family. A lower part of the house is used to provide to shelter to animals that every household rears and in river side villages where people lived in flood planes animals were provided shelter on the raised home with people. On the other hand these houses were also made to provide protection from wild animals. Apart from the main house there is a traditional granary on raised platform. It is said by the elders of the Mishing tribes that the present river banks of Bramhaputra were tall grassland and also had very thick vegetation of reeds leading to favourite game area for wild elephants. They say that elephants do not attack houses on stilts and therefore not destroy even the granaries; the grains are also protected from moisture, rodents and floods.

North East including Assam is rich in sylvan resources and most of its forests are richly stocked with bamboos and canes of various species. Bamboo is a raw material of great versatility and forms an integral part of the lifestyle and economy of Assam. The major components of these houses are bamboo, cane and palm leaves for roofing. Bamboo is widely used for pillar, linter, floor, roof, door etc. Bamboos are aptly called the poor manís timber and are found in great abundance in the North Eastern region of India. Their strength, straightness and lightness combined with extraordinary hardness, range in sizes, abundance, easy propagation and the short period in which they attain maturity make them suitable for the purpose.


In the estimate and the design included in this note a traditional granary on raised platform with bamboo and sun grass roof is given costing Rs.47700.00 (Forty seven thousand seven hundred only)


Name of the work: - Probable cost of Local Traditional Bharal (Granary)

Estimated cost: - Rs. 47, 700.00 (Rupees Fourty Seven Thousand Seven Hundred only)

Schedule:-Estimate prepared on the basis of analysis and based on the local rate of materials and the laborers daily wage.


Item no:-1. Earth work for foundation trenches of walls, footings of column etc. including refilling the quantity as necessary, ---------------as directed and specified.

(a) In ordinary soil: 

                                      32x0.90x0.25x0.25=1.80 m3

@ Rs. 45.10/m3-----------------------------= Rs. 81.00


Item no:-2. Providing dressed Bamboo of Bhaluka bamboo including fitting -fixing --------------etc. complete.( By analysis)

Long column:                 12x4.80=57.60 R.M.

Short Column:                25x2.10=52.50 R.M.

Beam long                      16x4.50=72.00 R.M.

                                              T=229.35 R.M.

@ Rs. 20.00/RM-------------Rs. 4587.00


Item no:-3.  Providing dressed bamboo work in roof truss, rafter, purlin, tie including hoisting and fixing in position with necessary spikes, nails; ---------- including tying with cane sling/Galvd. Tying wire.

Post plate:                      2x11.00     =22.00 RM

King post:                      7x2.00       =14.00 RM

Tie:                                7x4.50       =31.50 RM

Rafter:                            2x7x3.80   =53.2   RM

Purlin:                            2x6x11.00 =132.00 RM

                                                   T=252.70 RM

@ Rs. 20.00/RM----------------=Rs. 1064.00

Item no:-4. Providing single layer of bamboo mat lining over roof frame including fixing--------

                                      11.00x3.80= 41.80 m2

@ Rs. 48.00/m2-----------------=Rs. 2006.00

Item no:-5. Providing thatch roofing with sun grass------with half spilt bamboo fillet and tying with galvd. Wire including fitting fixing ----------------complete.

(a) 150 mm thick            2x3.32x11.50=76.30 m2

@ Rs. 320.00/ m2-----------------------=Rs. 24,416.00

Item no.:-6. Spilt bamboo diagonally woven floor and wall tied with necessary bamboo Kamis on both sides @ 300 mm apart lied with galvanized wire/cane spilt etc. including fitting, fixing etc. complete as directed.

Floor                             9.45x4.50=42.525 m2

@ Rs. 107/m2----------------------=Rs.8060.00

Item no.:-7. Providing dressed wood work in frame of doors.

(b) 1st class timber (Hillock/Sundi)

Vertical:                         2x1.80x0.13x0.08=0.037 m3

Horizontal:                     2x1.20x0.13x0.08=0.025 m3

                                                                T=0.062 m3

@ Rs. 27,464.10/m3------------------------=Rs. 1702.00

Item no.:-8. Providing fitting 1st class braced door shutters------------with necessary wood, screws.

                                      1.54x1.04=1.60 m2

@ Rs. 787.00/m2   -----------=Rs.1259.00

                                                 (T)=Rs. 47,725.00

                                                 (Say Rs. 47,700.00)

(Rupees Fourty Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Only) 


Prepared by

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